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About Us

Story Outline: An immensely visual documentary on the life and work of Ski Patrol at several Montana Ski Resorts as well as the Search and Rescue teams that respond to winter emergencies in the backcountry.  Follow Ski Patrollers and backcountry search and rescue teams in the Rocky Mountains. The goal will be to capture the hard work and passion of Ski Patrol and snow science experts as they work in challenging, yet beautiful locations. Expanding interest in the backcountry has resulted in a growing number of adventurers seeking enjoyment outside a ski resort. The imperfect science of avalanche study and prediction may be the only thing standing in the way of life and death for a growing number of backcountry adventurers.

Visual Goal: Immerse the viewer into the lives of the men and women who take on this challenging high altitude job. Capture the vast natural beauty of the remote and sometimes inhospitable mountain winter that makes the physical and financial challenge of the job worth every penny.

Equipment: The documentary will be shot using cutting edge motion control time-lapse systems to help show the beauty and the amazing winter weather in the Montana’s mountains. The crew will use new smaller cutting edge broadcast HD cameras allowing their quick movement and setup in remote locations.